Research Classes


How Maps Can Help in Research

Wed July 1st 6:30 – taught by Gordon Orchard

 Wednesday July 8th 7:00- taught by Tammy Noe Filtering for better results.  Getting millions of results from a search on is only fun once, before you realize that most of them don’t make any sense at all.  Knowing how to filter on is the key to having better results.  Learn where, how, when and when not to filter.

Wednesday July 22nd 7:00- taught by Tammy Noe

The New Ancestry - Currently the Classic Ancestry is still available but in a few months it will change to the New Ancestry.  You can access the New Ancestry NOW with its many new features as well as its new look.  Come learn what it’s all about.

Using FamilySearch to Break Through Brick Walls

Fri July 24th 2:00 – taught by Laurie Markham

Working Together FamilySearch, Ancestry & Legacy 8

4th Thurs. every month at noon – Come learn what is new and exciting.  Learn about researching lines successfully – keep up to date - Elaine Sharp will give you encouragement, ideas and helps.  

FamilySearch Wiki

Mon. 2:00pm    Can’t Find your Ancestors?? –  Use the FamilySearch Wiki - The 1st Monday- Basic and 2nd Monday- Advanced -each month, Kori Pilkington will teach a class.   This is a great resource for finding information on the area that you think your ancestors came from.

Ward Family History Consultant Training

2nd Tuesday and Thursday every month  6:00 – 8:00 pm  If you are a newly called Ward Family History Consultant – get a jump start.  If you are an experienced Ward Family History Consultant or a High Priest Group Leader come get some new ideas of how to be more successful. July 14th and July 23rd for this month only.  

FamilySearch Tree to Temple

2nd Tuesday each month at 11:30 am- John Hansen

This class is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It covers the Temple ordinance portion of Family Tree.

1: Navigating through Temple Ordinances

2: How to generate a Family Ordinance form.

3: Church policies: When can they be done, who is eligible to their ordinances performed, etc.

4: Finding people who are ready for their temple ordinances to be performed

5: Everyone attending will need a sign on and password for family tree, it is the same as the one used for LDS.ORG

6: By the end of class you will have a Family Ordinance request for your ancestors to take to the Temple.

Adding Photos and Stories to Familysearch

Last Thurs every month- 2:00 pm Karen Stubbs -  Photos do not last forever.  Photos can last forever in  You can attach them to the individuals in your family tree for all to see and others can add to what you put in. This class will cover the basics of uploading photos and documents and sharing them. Most people are very surprised by what they find already in the Family Tree.

 Classes taught by Jim Baker

July 9th at 2:00  - Solving the Most Common Family History Mysteries Online This presentation offers solutions to genealogy problems where key data are missing or inadequate – without embarking on new research.  Case studies show how thorough data analyses can be effective.  Examples cover naming patterns, birth/marriage witness data, inheritance data, sibling data, timelines, and family migrations, and by scrutinizing data already in your database.

July 9th at 3:30 – Strategies for Finding People in Historic Online Newspapers - This “how to” presentation describes the most efficient methods for finding people among the diverse collections of online newspapers  Case studies emphasize the use of Family Search Wikis; Linkpendium; the Redbook; and Google.  Focusing on the ancestor’s exact location and time period, examples illustrate the capabilities of the major online collections.  The vast offline microfilm collection are also discussed, with pertinent examples regarding best methods to find the specific newspaper needed for research.

July 16th at 2:00 - California’s Golden Genealogy Records – This presentation discusses the distinctive features of California genealogy.  Examples are given of the earliest records that are most helpful in pre-US California.  Online sources are emphasized for finding key data in the Gold Rush and following time period.  Special censuses and voter lists are spotlighted.

July 16th at 3:30 – Online Antebellum Research: Florida in the Early 1800′s - This presentation describes the best records and techniques to use to find the early 1800 Florida settlers and their movements.  Key online sources include records for marriages, estates and p;plantations, homestead patents, voting lists, military service, maps and censuses.

Genealogy Scouting Merit Badge, Personal Progress, Indexing

9-11 class and 11-1:00 class.  Please call and reserve your spot in the class  487-2090 with Teri Wells.  An adult needs to accompany the youth for this class.

So You Think Your Genealogy is Done 

Tues July 7th 2:00 – Tim Fewkes will help you find your cousins and work along with you

Basic Research Methods 

 Wed July 15th 2:00 taught by Georgie Trammell

Using Genealogy to Plan Family Reunions

Wed July 15th 6:30 taught by Karen Burney

Finding the Women

Tues July 21st 6:30 taught by Kim Parker

Creating Your Life Story Through PicturesTues June 30th 2 & 6 – and July 28th 2 & 6  Cassandra Heyward will show you how to tell your life story through pictures and share many ideas with you

Indexing Class 

Wed July 29th 6:30 taught by an expert – Marlene Covington

Find it Using Google 

Thurs. July 30th at 7:00 – taught by Don Allen