Research Classes

Ancestry-  Taught by Tammy Noe – Wednesday evenings

April 1st 7:00 pm – Part I – Searching by names – Everyone wants to start by searching for a name, but the results are often far too many.  Learn the ins and outs of name searching and how to effectively filter for better results.

April 8th 7:00 – Part 2 – Searching by Locations Workshop (lecture and hands-on 7-9 pm)- Starting your search in an area can often give you better results, allows for easy browsing, and finding the records available in an area.

April 15th – Part 3 – Searching by Collections and Card Catalog (lecture and hands-on) 7-9 pm) - Starting a search with a specific record type helps you see what is available as well as what is not, thereby, relieving some frustration.

April 22nd – Ancestry/FamilySearch – Working Together (LDS membership account)  – Learn how to sign up and use the new tools on Ancestry to integrate and connect with FamilySearch for LDS ordinance work.

Scan and Add Photos to FamilySearch and to your Flashdrive

Tues May 5th and May 19th 6:00.  Come learn how to use our new Kodak Scanner and preserve your pictures – taught by Elder Hendrickson.  Please bring in some old photos to scan

Indexing Class

Come and learn how to Index by an expert – Wed May 13th 11:00 Heidi VanWorkem

Working Together FamilySearch, Ancestry & Legacy 8

4th Thurs. every month at noon – Come learn what is new and exciting.  Learn about researching lines successfully – keep up to date - Elaine Sharp will give you encouragement, ideas and helps.  

FamilySearch Wiki

Mon. 2:00pm    Can’t Find your Ancestors?? –  Use the FamilySearch Wiki – The 1st Monday- Basic and 2nd Monday- Advanced -each month, Kori Pilkington will teach a class.   This is a great resource for finding information on the area that you think your ancestors came from.

Rootsmagic Users Group

2nd Wed every month 12 – 2:00 p.m. – Lynn Brown

Class on How to use Roots Magic

Every Friday at 11:00 – Lynn Brown

Ward Family History Consultant Training

2nd Tuesday and Thursday each month 6:00 – 8:00 pm  If you are a newly called Ward Family History Consultant – get a jump start.  If you are an experienced Ward Family History Consultant or a High Priest Group Leader come get some new ideas of how to be more successful.  

FamilySearch Tree to Temple

2nd Tuesday each month at 11:30 am- John Hansen

This class is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It covers the Temple ordinance portion of Family Tree.

1: Navigating through Temple Ordinances

2: How to generate a Family Ordinance form.

3: Church policies: When can they be done, who is eligible to their ordinances performed, etc.

4: Finding people who are ready for their temple ordinances to be performed

5: Everyone attending will need a sign on and password for family tree, it is the same as the one used for LDS.ORG

6: By the end of class you will have a Family Ordinance request for your ancestors to take to the Temple.

Adding Photos and Stories to Familysearch

Last Thurs every month- 2:00 pm Karen Stubbs -  Photos do not last forever.  Photos can last forever in  You can attach them to the individuals in your family tree for all to see and others can add to what you put in. This class will cover the basics of uploading photos and documents and sharing them. Most people are very surprised by what they find already in the Family Tree.

4 Classes taught by Jim Baker

Thurs. April 9th – 2:00 – Genealogy 2015 – Staying Current with Your Research: Up-to-Date Technology and Resources

Thurs. April 9th – 3:30 – Incorporating DNA into Your Research

Since our library will be closed April 23rd and 24th for Computer updates – Jim Baker’s class on April 23rd will be held in our Font room – the door to the left of our library entrance

Thurs. April 23rd  2:00 – Finding the Hardest Ones, Part One: Seven Strategies – Step-by-step procedures are used to illustrate seven strategies for finding the most challenging data.  Case studies present a variety of research methods: collaboration with other genealogists, navigating through the search engine data and more

Thurs. April 23rd 3:30 – Finding the Hardest Ones, Part Two: Elementary, My Dear Watson!  Solving Your Genealogy Puzzles with Clues You Already Have

Genealogy Scouting Merit Badge, Personal Progress, Indexing

9-11 class and 11-1:00 class.  Please call and reserve your spot in the class  487-2090 with Teri Wells.  An adult needs to accompany the youth for this class.

Voice to Text 

Tues May 5th 2:00.  Come learn how to speak into your computer and let your computer do the typing for you.  Maybe you have some family histories that have been written and given to you and you can read them into your computer and the work is done for you.  Tim Fewkes will teach you how.

Finding Your Cousins Workshop

Tues May 19th 2:00.  Tim Fewkes will help you find your cousins and work along with you.

F.A.N. Club 

Trying to break through a brick wall?  Come learn how researching your ancestor’s F.A.N. Club might give you the information you need.  Tues April 21st 10:00 – Janet Newell

FamilySearch Problem Solving

Tues April 21st at 11:00 .  Laurie Markham will help you on your FamilyTree

Creating Your Life Story Through Pictures

Tues May 26th  2 & 6 – Cassandra Heyward will show you how to tell your life story through pictures and share many ideas with you


Thurs April 30th at 6:00 Don Allen will teach you how to use Google more effectively in doing your Genealogical Research

Historic Maps and AniMap 

Wed May 20th 11:00 by Gordon Orchard- One of the best ways to find your ancestors is through using maps.  Come see how after years and years of research and not finding missing ancestors – a Map helped find them!